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About the new Fall 2023 changes to the website

About the new Fall 2023 changes to the website

My web guru, Juan Carlos Garcia, has helped me improve the website to make it more secure and user friendly. Here are the main changes:

  • The HYMNAL page now separates the free LGH arrangements from my arrangements of modern copyrighted hymns, which are listed in the Sheet Music section found below the LGH hymns. Since I must pay a royalty to the publisher, I charge $2 for single page arrangements and $3 for longer ones.
  • The LESSONS page contains the lessons I developed for my private students and college guitar classes I have taught in the past. The lessons are meant to give you the technical basics for learning my arrangements. Each lesson is taught by video with a supporting sheet music download. The lessons are free. They cover: 1) some introductory material on reading music and tablature, 2) arpeggio instruction for the plucking hand, 3) basics of good scale technique for the fretting hand and some two-note scales I frequently employ in my arrangements, and, 4) basics of chord/melody playing, upon which my arrangements are based. 
  • The VIDEOS page has been substantially cleaned up. It no longer includes some 70 arrangement tutorial videos. Those videos are easily accessed through the movie camera icon on the HYMNAL page. The VIDEOS page has my video tutorials for guitar intros to Mass parts for various common Mass settings. It will also hold tutorials for hymns for which I cannot share the sheet music due to copyright restrictions. I show and tell how I play them without providing sheet music, hoping that any guitarists who are interested in the hymn will be able to learn enough to work out the hymn for themselves. Eventually, I may even share some of my own songs here.
  • The ALBUMS page in the STORE now has my albums available in three formats. You can purchase the physical CD which I will ship to you, the full album downloadable in MP3 format and/or the individual songs in downloadable MP3 format. All MP3 digital purchases are available for you to download immediately after purchase from your account page.
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