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Changes in OCP contract

Changes in OCP contract

I just learned that OCP has revised their contract options for little operations like mine. Originally, there was no limit to the number of hymn arrangements I could sell online. Now, i am limited to only 25 arrangements and I will also have to pay an additional fee to post my tutorial videos for any OCP hymns.

I have already removed my arrangements for Transfiguration, Take these Ashes to the Desert, and Song of Farewell. Soon, I will be removing Ashes, Miracle of Grace, In the Day of the Lord, At the name of Jesus, Vine and Branches, Your Words Are Spirit and Life, and At the Name of Jesus. If you think you might want to learn any of those pieces, get them now because they will be gone in a week or two.

Among my 25 OCP hymns will be 4 new hymns. I still have to make the video tutorials, but I hope to have them available in the next 3 weeks. They are: Mary's Song; Open My Eyes, Lord; Come to the Water; and Holy Mary, Pray for Us.

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