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Latest improvements to this site

Thanks to my friend, Juan Carlos Garcia, the site is now set up so you can freely print out the sheet music. Currently, a hymn must have a tutorial video for the sheet music to be available for you, and I have only made videos for about half of my arrangements. That is why you will see both a HYMNAL tab and a TEMP HYMNAL tab. Anything on the HYMNAL tab has sheet music that can be printed or viewed and has a tutorial video. Pieces listed on the TEMP HYMNAL tab have no video yet and the sheet music can only be viewed and played, but not printed. I'll be working on making videos for Lenten and Easter hymns real soon and as my schedule allows, so you should see more of those appearing on the HYMNAL page. And in 128 days, I'll be retired and have all the time in the world (after I finish a few months of honeydo projects around the house).