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Lent Update

I just uploaded 11 videos. These are old videos which were recorded on my Zoom Q3,and not in my newest 2 camera format. But they are still better than nothing and I don't seem to have the time lately to make new videos like I had planned. Most of the videos are of modern hymns for which I cannot legally share the sheet music of my arrangements. That said, I find it a little frustrating that many church guitar websites have tabs for copyrighted music posted online. To my knowledge,that is illegal, so I choose not to join in that practice. However, I do believe it is legal to share videos of me playing my arrangements of copyrighted hymns and to include a tutorial of what and how I am playing.  I hope you find these helpful. You can see all of the newest videos on my VIDEO page, as they are the most recent additions and appear first in the queue. Several of these new (old) videos are of non copyrighted hymns and do have sheet music available online. In that case, the video link also appears on the HYMNAL page.