The new INDEX page and how to use it

If you have been using my website at all over the past 10-15 years, you noticed a big change occurred in December, 2016. My friend, Juan Carlos Garcia, created a professional looking website to replace the old one I had slapped together myself using a Yahoo design template. Our goal is to make the new website a much improved resource for fellow liturgical guitarists, and we are making significant headway toward that end.

The old website had a Liturgical Index listing of almost 90 hymns I have arranged.I just rebuilt that page, which can be now reached through the new INDEX tab in the main menu. Each hymn title is a hyperlink to the free sheet music (in both notation and TAB) at my Score Exchange home page. If you notice additional text after the hymn title (i.e. Amazing Grace - LGH Lesson 4), that means I have made an updated tutorial video for that hymn. You can go directly to the video by clicking the additional text (i.e. LGH Lesson 4).

When you click on any hymn title in the INDEX page and arrive at the sheet music in the Score Exchange website, you can print the music for free. You can also click on the blue link 'Jim Nailon' and you will reach myScore Exchange homepage. On the homepage just below a short bio is the Score Catalogue. You can find any of my arrangements from that page and you can also find some other music as well. The St. Cecilia Institute Lesson Pieces and STM Guitar Classes contain some simplified arrangements and various technique exercises I have used in guitar classes I previously taught. You might find some of that useful. You can also find the sheet music for my Guitar Mass for Peace and a few non-liturgical pieces I have posted. 

My goal is to make tutorial videos for each arrangement, but at my current pace that may take 4-5 years. If you have any questions about finding an arrangement or other issues, you can contact me via email through the website.

Finally, here is a direct link to my Score Exchange home page if you wish to check out any of the lesson pieces mentioned above: