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Site Under Construction

The website that I have used to house and share my arrangements, Score Exchange, recently changed their policies. They no longer allow any composer to simply give away their work for free. They added a price on all my arrangements and I only found out about it through guitarists who contacted me. But all things work for the good for those who love the Lord, so this will work out quite nicely. I found out that Sibelius, the publisher of the music software I use to write out my arrangements, has a new version that allows composers to share their music in the cloud, where it can be viewed and played back on any device or browser. so I bought the upgrade and put some arrangements on the cloud today only to learn that they cannot be printed. But they can be viewed and played back nicely. That much is a big improvement, but I'm still working to get all my arrangements freely printable for you. 

Juan Carlos Garcia, who reconstructed my website last year, is working to set things up where I can upload the pdf files of my arrangements to our server and you can simply download and print the file for any arrangements you desire for free. If all goes as planned, you will soon be able to view the sheet music as it plays back from the Sibelius Cloud and print out the pdf file of the sheet music for free. I apologize for any inconvenience this change period causes you, but we are doing our best to make this change as quick as possible. When all is done, it should an improvement overall. And at that time, I plan to remove everything from my Sibelius site and close it down.

You can already check out the Sibelius Cloud playback feature. Tonight, I changed the link on all of my Advent, Christmas and Lenten arrangements to go to the Cloud instead of Score Exchange. I should get everything changed over pretty soon.

I wish you all Peace, and a blessed Christmas.