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Two Communion hymns added: one old and one new

Two Communion hymns added: one old and one new

O Sacrament Most Holy is my latest free addition to the Liturgical Guitarist Hymnal (LGH). The arrangement in the keys G and C, is played all in the 1st position. This is an old hymn that will please your more traditional listeners. The main challenge it presents is playing the melody in a lower range than my usual style. Sometimes the melody is played with the thumb on the 4th or 5th strings and the "inner voices" are actually pitched above the melody. Since our ears are used to hearing the melody as the highest note, you must focus on playing the melody notes louder than the accompaniment. If not, the melody can get lost in the arrangement. You can find it in both the Adoration and Eucharistic sections of the LGH on the Hymnal page.

O Sacrament Most Holy |

Beautiful Is Your Love, by Josh Blakesly, Sarah Hart and Marc Byrd, is a much newer hymn. I cannot share the sheet music for this one because it is published by Capitol Music. I only have contracts to share my arrangements of music in the OCP and GIA catalogs. But I can and do sometimes make tutorial videos of new music from other publishers in hopes that some guitarists can learn what I'm doing by sight and ear, especially when the songs are wonderful and fit nicely on the guitar. You can find this video on my Video page. 

Beautiful Is Your Love |


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