Music for Advent and Christmas

Yesterday, I finally had time to work on videos again. I recorded 5 Advent hymns (O Come, O Come, Emmanuel; Creator of the Stars of Night; O Come Divine Messiah; People Look East; Comfort, Comfort, O My People) and one Christmas hymn, God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen. I don’t plan to make any more Advent videos this year, but I do plan on getting more videos made of Christmas hymns. Hopefully they will be done by the first week of December, which will give you a few weeks to practice before the church’s Christmas season begins.


Progress Report

My summer vacation ends today and I report back to school tomorrow. A week ago I finally finished all my extra jobs for the summer and have focused on my guitar tutorials the past week, getting 10 new videos posted online. I now have 19 tutorial videos of my hymn arrangements in the new format, which uses 2 cameras, my studio equipment to record the sound, and video editing software to put everything together. I have also made 3 videos that teach guitar intros for three popular Mass settings.


Tourette's Syndrome

This morning, I am editing the 5 new tutorial videos I recorded yesterday. I noticed some of my tics and thought perhaps I should mention the fact that I have Tourette’s. My tics are not severe – mostly just facial twitches and throat clearing. I wasn’t diagnosed until I was 50 and doing my student teaching to become a teacher, a midlife career change. I have been ticking since I was 5, but never really knew why. The neurologist that diagnosed me proscribed a strong medicine that would reduce the tics, but it would also have a side effect of flat-lining my emotions.


The new INDEX page and how to use it

If you have been using my website at all over the past 10-15 years, you noticed a big change occurred in December, 2016. My friend, Juan Carlos Garcia, created a professional looking website to replace the old one I had slapped together myself using a Yahoo design template. Our goal is to make the new website a much improved resource for fellow liturgical guitarists, and we are making significant headway toward that end.


The Liturgical Guitarist Mission Statement

"My mission is to enhance the status of the guitar as an instrument for liturgical worship by: 1) providing accessible and musical hymn arrangements suitable for use as preludes, postludes and instrumental interludes; and 2) providing video tutorials to support church guitarists in learning these arrangements."