The Liturgical Guitarist Mission Statement

"My mission is to enhance the status of the guitar as an instrument for liturgical worship by: 1) providing accessible and musical hymn arrangements suitable for use as preludes, postludes and instrumental interludes; and 2) providing video tutorials to support church guitarists in learning these arrangements."


History of Liturgical Guitarist: Part 2

In June, 2011, I bought a little Zoom HD Q3 video recorder. I wanted to share my first Mass composition called Guitar Mass for Peace on YouTube. The next year, I began teaching some beginning guitar classes after school in my parish school St. Thomas More, where I teach Spanish part-time in grades K – 8. Trying to make the classes the best value I could, I would go home afterwards and make a video reviewing the main techniques covered in each lesson and put it on YouTube for my students to watch.


God leads in strange ways: The History of

You can blame this all on Dr. Rick Green. In the late 1990s, I was working on a degree in statistics. I was also playing music at my wife’s church, St. Rose in Longview, WA. I wasn’t Catholic yet, but they welcomed me to do music for Mass when I could. Before and after the Mass, I would play some hymn arrangements on guitar. I seemed to have a knack for finding which key made the hymn easiest to play and making the arrangements sound musical with some of the tricks I picked up from my study of classical guitar in the 1970s.


Little Baby in the Hay

The first time that Mary entered my song writing was long ago in 1978. I was a Methodist at that time and leading the music on guitar for a traditional Christmas pageant where the children dress as the characters and animals for the Manger of Bethlehem. It took place in a small church in Rainer, Oregon, where at the dress rehearsal, the pastor’s wife said something that inspired me to write the song. We had already sung Away in a Manger and Silent Night as the Holy Family, shepherds, Wise Men, angels and various animals made their way to the manger.